🏦Jones Vaults

Jones DAO offers vaults for multiple tokens and various risk profiles. Jones generates yield on the tokens deposited in Jones Vaults through its strategies. With 1 click, users are able to access some of the best yields in DeFi.

Jones Vault Types

The aim of Jones Vaults is to generate yield with sophisticated strategies. The token accretion of the vaults is denominated in the native vault token, with the goal being to accumulate more of that token over time.

OpFi vaults

  • ETH primary vault, risk averse

  • DPX primary vault, risk averse

  • rDPX primary vault, risk averse

  • gOHM primary vault (deprecated)

The OpFi vaults seek to generate risk-adjusted yield in all market conditions. The tokens in the vault will be used to either write/sell options, purchase long options, pair trade through swaps, or as collateral for perp positions. OpFi strategies may also take advantage of inefficient options pricing across platforms, to lock in potential yield through arbitrage.


Metavaults allow users to provide liquidity while also automatically hedging or slightly levering price action on underlying tokens, subject to available liquidity. Jones Metavaults take LP positions to the next level, and perform best during periods of volatility.

Metavaults currently available:

  • DPX-ETH - Bull / Bear

  • rDPX-ETH - Bull / Bear

Advanced strategy vaults

Some vaults can also enable simplified access to some of the most advanced strategies available in DeFi.

Jones DAO currently offers two advanced strategy vaults:

  • jUSDC Vault

  • jGLP Vault

The jUSDC and jGLP vaults work in tandem to provide users with superior USDC.e yield (jUSDC) and amplified GLP yield via Smart Leverage (jGLP). Read our jUSDC/jGLP Whitepaper to learn more about these advanced strategies.

Vault Architecture

Deposits and Withdrawals

At the start of each epoch, Jones allows deposits and withdrawals for OpFi vaults over a certain window of time, as applicable.

During this time, users can deposit their tokens and (for primary vaults) mint jAssets, or withdraw their tokens & claim their yield by burning their jAssets.

Metavaults operate on a weekly epoch system. Users can deposit at any time, but their deposits will not be active until the beginning of the next epoch. Users can signal an intention to withdraw their tokens from a Metavault at any time, and their deposit will unlock at the end of the current epoch.

Jones DAO advanced strategy vaults have unique deposit and withdrawal mechanisms outlined in their whitepaper. At this time, the jUSDC vault only accepts bridged USDC.e tokens.

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