jAssets are fully composable yield-bearing tokens that unlock liquidity and capital efficiency for tokens being deployed in Jones yield strategies.
When a deposit is made to a primary Jones Vault, a jAsset token is minted to represent the deposit. Upon withdrawal, the jAsset token is burned and the deposit + yield is received back by the depositor.

jAsset Liquidity Pools

jAssets have incentivised liquidity pools, jAsset/Asset. The ratio of jAsset/Asset is determined by Jones Vault performance over time, which can always be viewed in the vault UI. jAsset liquidity pools enable users to swap out of their Jones Vault position (and the underlying locked assets) at any time.

Implications of jAssets

  • Unlock liquidity for assets locked in yield strategies, for example Dopex SSOV.
  • [Coming soon] Enable borrowing/lending against/of these strategies.
  • Create 3 new layers of yield on top of yield from SSOV & options strategies: JONES emissions, LP rewards, and lending yield [coming soon].