The governance and Ve-model landscape has matured significantly. Our original governance model, referred to as veJones, is currently under research and development to evaluate any potential improvements to the governance incentive structure relative to the original model. Updates will be shared when they become available.

JonesDAO is a collection of software known as a protocol. This software has no inherent value, and users should have no expectation of profits. Users of the front-end are expected to read and comply with all terms and conditions listed on the website.


JONES emissions may be directed at jAsset:Token liquidity pools, to incentivize deep liquidity and a robust peg. Third party partners may also contribute to incentivization for jAssets.


Max supply: 10,000,000

Supply at launch: 1,700,000

Digits: 18

  • Operational Allocation: 15%

    • This allocation is used to handle governance, incentivize community contributions and contributors, help grow the platform and recruit talent, and account for operating and growth costs.

  • Platform Rewards: 42%

    • Distributed over a period of 7-10+ years. These rewards will incentivize the use and upkeep of the Jones DAO platform, and their rate is dynamic.

  • Core Contributor Allocation: 12%

    • Vested for 18 months distributed using a drip system via a smart contract.

  • Public Sale: 17%

  • Private Sale: 9.97%

    • 3 month cliff, and then vested over 6 months. Vesting is complete.

  • Airdrop: 1%

    • Split between guarded launch members and Dopex SSOV users.

  • Olympus: 3.3%

    • Proposed allocation for OlympusDAO to be held in perpetuity.

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