Protocol Overview

What is Jones DAO?
Jones DAO is a yield, strategy, and liquidity protocol with vaults that enable 1-click access to institutional-grade strategies. These strategies unlock liquidity and capital efficiency for DeFi through yield-bearing asset tokens.
There are three main categories of users Jones DAO is built for:
  • Users who don't want to actively manage their strategies and/or would like to utilize the DAO strategist’s expertise.
  • Users who would prefer not to lock their assets, but rather keep their deposits liquid.
  • Protocols who want to earn additional yield on their treasury assets without treasury management experts.

Jones Vaults

Jones DAO offers vaults for multiple assets and risk profiles. Jones generates yield through strategies deployed on the assets deposited in Jones Vaults. With 1 single click, users are able to access exceptional yields with actively managed, fully optimized, and hedged strategies.


jAssets are fully composable yield-bearing asset tokens that unlock liquidity and capital efficiency for tokens in our strategy vaults. When a deposit is made to the primary Jones Vault for an asset, a jAsset token is minted to represent the deposit. Upon withdrawal, the jAsset token is burned and the deposit + yield is received back by the depositor.
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