🟣Understanding jAURA

What is jAURA?

jAURA is an auto-compounding strategy on Ethereum Mainnet that allows depositors to earn yield on their AURA tokens. Over time, each jAURA token will become backed by more underlying vlAURA.

jAURA works by utilizing 3 separate protocols:

  • Aura Finance

  • Balancer

  • Redacted Cartel’s Hidden Hand

These integrations allow users to collect yield automatically, without the hassle of having to sell tokens, lock positions, or vote in bribe rounds themselves.

What is the purpose of jAURA?

To give AURA holders the easiest, most effective way to grow their AURA balance.

Structure of jAURA

Dual Vault System

The jAURA strategy comes in two forms:

  1. A non-tokenized auto-compounder

  2. A tokenized liquid staking derivative (LSD)

The non-tokenized auto-compounder jAURA will have higher yield on average because it is not subject to liquidity incentives, but at the cost of no composability.

The tokenized LSD will give you the receipt token wjAURA once you have deposited. This vault does auto-compound, but is subject to liquidity incentives which may lead to slightly lower yield than the non-tokenized strategy. However, wjAURA tokens have the innate benefit of being fully composable, meaning they can be used outside of the Jones protocol.

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