LP Strategy Guide

One of the best aspects of the jAURA system is Wrapped jAURA (wjAURA) for its composable nature. With Balancer & Aura, you can contribute to liquidity pools and stake the LP tokens to earn additional rewards in $BAL and $AURA.

There are three steps that make up this strategy:

  1. Acquire wjAURA

  2. Create Balancer LP

  3. Stake BPT (Balancer pool tokens) on Aura

Let’s walk through how to accomplish each.

Step 1: Acquire wjAURA

The first step in utilizing the composability of wjAURA is converting your AURA tokens into wjAURA.

First, head to our jAURA interface with your AURA tokens in hand. Make sure you connect using Ethereum Mainnet (jAURA is a Mainnet strategy) and select wjAURA before approving and depositing your AURA.

Step 1 completed.

Step 2: Add Liquidity to Balancer

Next, head to the wjAURA / WETH Balancer pool and prepare to add your selected amount of liquidity.

Balancer pools allow for fractionalized liquidity, meaning liquidity can be formed with different weights than a traditional AMM. For example, the wjAURA / WETH Balancer Pool is constructed in an 80-20 fashion. For example, if you have $80 worth of wjAURA, you’ll need to pair it with $20 worth of WETH.

Balancer can provide a suggested WETH amount for you that pairs with your specific amount of wjAURA if you aren’t sure how much to pool together. Likewise, Balancer can also facilitate the automatic transformation of a portion of your wjAURA into WETH, however you would forfeit 20% of your wjAURA in doing so.

Preview, approve, and then you should see a successful transaction window.

DO NOT PRESS THE SHINY PURPLE BUTTON THAT SAYS, “stake this to earn extra yield”.

You’re going to stake this liquidity token elsewhere to earn even better rewards in step 3.

Step 3: Stake on Aura

For the final step - it's time to stake your BPT (Balancer pool tokens) in the official wjAURA/wETH pool on Aura. Head to the pool interface and select your desired amount of BPT to stake.

Complete your staking transaction and start earning $AURA and $BAL rewards on your wjAURA.

Claim your tokens at any time, and repeat steps 1-3 with your new AURA rewards.

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